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Edward never actually cared about getting his real arm and leg back after he got automail, but he kept telling people that he wanted them back because he didn’t want Alphonse to feel like a burden as they tried to get his body back.

This is actually true. It shows more in the manga. Ed always talks about getting Al’s body back, but Al reminds Ed that they are trying to get Edward’s arm and leg back, too. I think Ed even said once he never cared about getting his arm and leg back…


The best proposal I’ll ever witness.

<3 “Equivalent exchange! I’ll give half of my life to you, if you give half of yours to me!” <3

I died from both amusement and joy from this scene. Like this is the most dorkiest proposal I’ve ever seen, but strangely romantic as well. I mean, poor Edward’s way of showing affection to Winry is by pointing and yelling. That’s really adorable! And then Winry stomps down on ‘equivalent exchange’ and says Ed could have her whole life (and then turning red like a fire hydrant and saying Edward could have 85% of her life). Winry, you just proved you are just as much of a dork as Ed is. And the last picture shown in the credits of Ed and Winry holding their children had me breaking out in tears. Like seeing them two dorks having babies!! Gah! My heart can’t take it! I fucking love this pair!


10 Most Powerful Lines from the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

↳ (3/10) Roy Mustang: "He would never subject Alphonse to it."
I’m genuinely upset that they didn’t incorporate this part in the anime (Brotherhood). I feel like it’s very important for the character development and story. It sheds a light on a different perspective of Ed. In both the manga and anime, when he performed human transmutation, Ed was seen as really brave and selfless when giving up his arm for Al’s soul. But what about before that? This is what this scene shows. That Ed was alone. He was scared. He was terrified. Which is so realistic since he was so young at the time. And Mustang’s line of, “he would never subject Alphonse to it,” shows just how much Ed cares for Al, and also shows how the people around him (re: Mustang) can see that too and understand him so well.

nefertsukia asked:

Sometimes Winry slips sweet little notes into the books Ed is reading. "I love you" , "Smile for me every day" , "You have a nice butt~" , "It was YOUR turn to do the laundry" , "I accidentally ate all of your rice cakes so extra cuddles tonight".




awwwWWWW, yessssss!! and i think the last one would happen quite a lot when win is preg x’)

This habit continues all their lives. Sometimes she even slips notes into books Ed hasn’t even read yet. And Ed collects these little notes. Sometimes they go through them together, when they’re feeling down, and laugh.
So when they get old… really old… and she passes away, Ed spends a long time going through the photo albums, reliving moments. Missing her. When he finally has the resolve to read books again, he picks up one of them and a note falls off. “I love you, you dork.” That was the last one she’d written.


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